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What does a franchise look like?

Business format franchises can come in all shapes and sizes, and the brands listed above show that these businesses can be either large, consumer facing retail chains or smaller businesses operated from home. There are however a few similarities across most franchise networks, which help define the business as a business format franchise:

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Top tips for managing cash flow

Fundamentally, the reason that most businesses fail comes down to a cash flow problem – whether it is another business failure that leaves them with a bad debt, a change in market conditions that they can’t adapt to quickly enough, or simply their funding being withdrawn; a problem with cash flow can very quickly lead to a business having to close it’s doors.

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Be awesome at doing your accounts

ggAny new franchisee or business, only really has one option when it comes to ‘doing’ accounts …. a cloud based accountancy, bookkeeping and reporting platform.

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