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Small Business? Three Things To Consider After Brexit

Now that the surprise of the Leave vote has died down, and we are dealing with the aftermath of the public choice to leave the European Union, many business owners have started wondering about the impact of Brexit on their business. It won’t affect all businesses; but I do feel that there are three key areas that every business owner needs to think about if applicable:

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The five warning signs

There are five major warning signs that you should look for in any network that you are talking to. If you see one of these, proceed with caution!

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It’s all for a good cause

On June 26th 2016 d&t will be competing in a Dragon Boat Race at Coate Water Country Park in Swindon. We will be raising money for Swindon Guide dogs which are a charity for breeding and training guide dogs

You can help d&t raise money for this great cause by donating directly to our fundraising page

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Setting your values

Not sure how to define your business’s values? Our director Carl Reader talks about how we at d&t came up with our businesses values.

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