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P11D – Cheat Sheet

When it comes to your business, paying your tax bills on time is one of the most important things that you can do. P11D is one of these tax forms that a lot of people will need to complete. We have, therefore, put together a whitepaper on P11D’s, how you can work out your benefit of a P11D, and some of the repercussions that could possibly happen if you don’t complete the P11D form.


2020 Vision: Professional… Are you sure?

ONE OF MY biggest bugbears is the use of the phrase ‘professional’ when describing a member of the accounting, legal or medical professions.

suit-673697_960_720-300x200A recent article in Management Today covered my views on the use of the word ‘professional’ pretty well. To summarise and quote: “Fifty years ago, the professional classes were revered by society. But long-held restrictive practices and a reluctance to accept reforms have contributed to a gradual loss of public trust and respect.”

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The British Accountancy Awards


The British Accountancy Awards will take place again on the 26th November 2016. This year due to previous achievements in the award and vast knowledge in the industry Carl Reader, director of d&t chartered accountants has been asked to judge the awards. We believe this is a great opportunity as Carl himself co-owns a multi-award winning accounting practice so knows what to look for in a winner and is excited to see the amazing entries.

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Choosing an Accountant

Franchisees looking for an accountant have a myriad of choices available, but which is the right one? The obvious choice is a firm that specialise in the franchise industry, such as d&t! However, where the franchisor has not provided guidance, some franchisees look to save a few pounds by paying a friend or relative, others… choose a local guy, some go for a purely online solution, whilst a few opt for one of the large national firms.

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Setting your targets appropriately

Everyone uses targets to some extent, but how many of you actually use them to suit your deadline, and more importantly meet that target for your deadline? Most businesses, including franchises, should have personal and company targets set to help them achieve a desired goal. So what can we do to make this easier?

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