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goal setting

What sort of goals should you set yourself?

Typically, when people first think of goal setting they tend towards material items, or perhaps health-related (giving up smoking, giving up alcohol, going on a diet etc). I’d strongly suggest that you instead look at a more holistic approach, considering areas such as work-life balance, personal development, spiritual development, charitable aims. Having said that – always make sure that you only include goals that would truly motivate you! There is no point in setting goals that look good on paper, for someone else. Instead, make sure that you are fully committed to achieving the goals that you set out.

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End of the tax return

Time is moving forward, and so is the way that tax returns are being handled. What will be the benefits of moving online for individuals/businesses? Why is this new scheme committed to reducing the burden for taxpayers? Take a look for lots more information about the proposed move.

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Performa IT

“Performa IT are specialists in Sales & Marketing Automation for companies who want to grow their business & increase profit margins by automating & streamlining their processes. We are a Salesforce registered consulting partner and specialise in implementing their market leading products to deliver the automation & benefits required.

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Notes from The Franchising Handbook

Once you have narrowed down your shortlist, you will need to start approaching franchisors. It is important to remember that the franchisor has invested a lot of time, effort and money in building their brand, so they want to ensure that you will be the right partner for them to achieve mutual success. They will also not want to have a franchisee failure on their hands, as this will reflect badly on them insofar as a banks view on their network. It will also have a significant drain on head offices resources, as they will need to manage the situation pre-failure. Finally, the other franchisees will be affected by a fellow franchisee failing, and this will impact on the overall network morale.

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