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Free V’s Paid – franchise dashboard

Within every franchise network, business and like most things in life, you tend to usually get what you pay for. This is exactly what franchise dashboard offers our clients: management information (MI) and reporting on all franchisees within their network. Read More

What does a franchise look like?

Business format franchises can come in all shapes and sizes, and the brands listed above show that these businesses can be either large, consumer facing retail chains or smaller businesses operated from home. There are however a few similarities across most franchise networks, which help define the business as a business format franchise: Read More

Top tips for managing cash flow

Fundamentally, the reason that most businesses fail comes down to a cash flow problem – whether it is another business failure that leaves them with a bad debt, a change in market conditions that they can’t adapt to quickly enough, or simply their funding being withdrawn; a problem with cash flow can very quickly lead to a business having to close it’s doors. Read More

Be awesome at doing your accounts

ggAny new franchisee or business, only really has one option when it comes to ‘doing’ accounts …. a cloud based accountancy, bookkeeping and reporting platform. Read More

Natwest/BFA Survey 2015

There’s some great news that has come out from the latest Natwest / BFA Survey. The industry is contributing £15.1bn to the UK economy, employs 621,000 people, and the number of franchisees topped 44,000. Not only that, over half of all franchisees had a turnover above £250k, and 97% reported profitability. Read More

Driving performance in a franchise network

Driving performance in a franchise network Maximising the performance of a franchisee’s business benefits the franchisee, the franchisor and the network as a whole. The best way to maximise performance is to measure and track activity so that the right guidance and support can be provided at the right time to the right people.driving-rep-performance-300x224 Read More

Franchise news: October 2015

d&t and the BFA As everyone will know Helen Thompson has recently joined the BFA to support the recruitment and retention of all BFA members. Completing her QFP in 2013 and acting as interim Recruitment Manager for Dunkin brands Helen has an extensive 8 years working in franchise recruitment. As d&t work closely with the BFA we are delighted that Helen has joined and we will be working closely with Helen in the future. Welcome Helen! Read More

Measure it | Manage it

DASHBOARD Franchisees will never follow a system like a robot! Of course there are some who will be incredibly successful with very little support and guidance, whilst others will need continuous direction and correction simply to stay on track with the business model! Read More

Estate planning for grandparents

Your children may be grown up and financially secure. If your assets pass to them, you will be adding to their estate and to the IHT which will be charged on their deaths. Instead, you might consider leaving something to your grandchildren, or reducing your taxable estate by helping them out during their education.

Estate planning for singles

Single people might not have given much thought to estate planning. But you should make a will to set out your preferred funeral arrangements, how you want your estate to devolve on your death and who will have responsibility for it. Your net estate might pass to your parents or your siblings under intestacy rules but would you prefer to leave your wealth to your nieces or nephews?

Gift strategy: Use the nil-rate band

Most transfers of property between spouses or civil partners are exempt from IHT. This means that when one partner dies leaving some or all of their property to their spouse/civil partner they may not make full use of their own £325,000 nil-rate band. In these circumstances, it is possible to transfer unused nil-rate band allowances between spouses or civil partners. Read More

Gift strategy: Gifts out of income

Another way to build up capital outside your own estate and save IHT is to make regular gifts out of income, perhaps by way of premiums into an insurance policy written in trust for your heirs. Regular payments of this type are exempt from IHT.

Gift strategy: Appreciating assets

Gifts do not have to be in cash. You could save more IHT or CGT by giving away assets with the potential for growth in value. Give while the asset has a lower value so that the appreciation then accrues outside your estate.

Gift strategy: Business assets

There will be no capital gains tax (CGT) and perhaps little or no IHT to pay if you retain business property until your death. This is fine, so long as you wish to continue to hold your business interests until death and recognise that the rules may change. Read More

Do you need a will?

Anyone who owns property – a home, a car, investments, business interests, retirement savings, collectables or personal belongings – needs a will. A will allows you to direct by and to whom your property will be distributed after your death. If you die without a will, your property will normally be distributed according to intestacy laws. Assumptions about how these rules work is a very common mistake.

Selling your business: Business factors

External factors can also be important in timing your sale. If you can time your business sale to coincide with a period of economic growth, when buyers outnumber sellers and will pay premium prices, you will most likely secure the best price. Read More

Planning your estate

Estate planning should start early in life. If your estate is worth in excess of £325,000 it could be subject to inheritance tax (IHT). Even if it isn’t, careful planning and a well-drafted will can ensure that your assets will go to your chosen beneficiaries.


When you raise that final sales invoice and bank the proceeds from the sale of your business, you should be completing one of the last steps in a strategy aimed at maximising the net return by minimising the capital gains tax (CGT) on sale. Read More
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