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It’s the summer holidays!

We’re well into holiday season now, and I’m sure many of us will be taking a hard-earned break from business life. You could be reading this from your sun lounger by the pool, or a cosy little café in a European square, or high up amongst the snow-capped peaks of the Alps.

Or you could, like me, be sat at your desk looking at a screen, thinking about how some of the best ideas happen when we least expect them. Being in a designated workplace doesn’t guarantee a higher level of inspiration – in fact, I often find the opposite is the case. Most of my best ideas happen in the most bizarre of places. In the shower. At 3.27am in the morning. Sat on a beach in the sunshine with a glass of rose, chatting with great people.

Inspiration happens in unexpected places

When my mind is free to explore, and when I can bounce ideas around with others, I feel far more positive that the outcome will be successful, and can help my business move forward. Sadly, we can’t always be on a beach with a glass of something cold, but wouldn’t it be great if you could recreate this kind of positive environment more frequently in your working life?

Innovative solutions

Great quality ideas would be created on a more regular basis, providing a greater impetus for your business. Now, I know this isn’t easy to manufacture. Distractions have a nasty habit of appearing at the most inconvenient of times. Deadlines become ever more pressing, or the discussion will lose focus and turn to last’s night episode of Love Island. It can also be tricky if there’s an issue that you perhaps can’t discuss freely within your business for whatever reason.

So what’s the solution?

An external facilitator, with d&t Sterling Boardrooms.

Just consider what the conversation will be like in a professionally facilitated, monthly meeting with a dedicated team of like-minded business leaders. A facilitator expertly steers the meeting to ensure objectives are achieved, keeping everyone focused and the conversation flowing. Talk would be purposeful and insightful, with participants sharing experiences, perspectives and ideas.

In these structured meetings, past performance can be reviewed. Focus is placed on the future development of your business. Bouncing ideas around in a confidential environment with positive, experienced professionals every month results in your own dedicated team of advisors, all of whom you know, like and trust. Your team helps you develop solutions and gives inspiration and practical ideas to help you take your business to the next level. Doesn’t that sound more productive than staring at a screen?

Take your business to the next level

In my experience, the business leaders who tell me they can’t afford to take time out from their business tend to be the ones who are most struggling for success. Working long, intense hours means they miss out on taking the time to step back and look at the bigger, objective picture. But just as it’s important to take a holiday and take time out of working FOR your business, it’s also vital to take time out to work ON your business. The d&t Sterling Boardrooms offer you the chance to do this, with professional facilitation. You can read more about how our Boardrooms work in our blog post.

If you’d like to experience the power of focused, professionally facilitated sessions, why not get in touch? Find out more here, or give James a call on 01793 741 600. After that, though, there’s only one thing left to say – get back to enjoying your holiday!

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