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self assessment

Self-assessment – are you ready?

With the January 31st deadline looming, it’s about now that many small businesses are starting to panic about their self-assessment. If you’re yet to submit your return, here’s a few top tips to help:

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5 business problems (and how to beat them)

We’re all familiar with the business horror stories in the media.

4 in 10 small businesses don’t make it past 5 years.

But why is this? Every business is different of course, but there are 5 key business problems that crop up again and again.

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Hiring staff: how to choose the best

Cultural fit is difficult to define, but very clear when it is missing.

To hire staff effectively, it’s important to consider cultural fit. Our director, business expert Carl Reader, believes firmly in the concept of Hire For Culture, Train For Skills – check him out in the Daily Mail just last week talking about it!

To put it simply, cultural fit is the likelihood that a person will be able to effortlessly fit with, share and indeed live your business core values and behaviors.

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scam image

Scams currently in operation targeting businesses

We hear a lot these days about businesses being targeted by fraudsters. Phone calls or emails from scammers purporting to be someone they are not, in order to extract money from unwitting businesses are getting more and more common. There have been instances where communications are received that appear to be from a known and trusted email address, and recently even a case of a scammer calling up on the phone representing themselves as a debt collection agency demanding payment.

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