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Early on Tuesday 7th June 2017, the d&t Hub in Swindon was already buzzing, filled with MDs, directors, partners, business owners and senior managers. It was the d&t Sterling Boardrooms taster event, and the conversation was flowing fast!Sterling Boardrooms meeting 2


As the business leaders munched their bacon rolls, d&t’s James Mitchell opened the event, introducing the d&t Sterling Boardrooms and explaining why d&t have started offering this service to their clients. He explained: “Running a business doesn’t have to be lonely. Everybody needs trusted advisors – even the bosses!”

Cheltenham-based business owner Neil Davis agreed. “d&t Sterling Boardrooms really does help businesses find their way to the next level. It’s a truly supportive environment. Everyone at the meeting is committed to the achievement of your business goals, development and growth.”

dedicated team of trusted advisors

Boardroom services have traditionally been tricky to access for many businesses. Extremely high pricing, long waiting lists and sometimes even tough entry criteria causing problems. But their benefits have long been recognised, with high-profile business figures swearing by them. And how could it not? With a dedicated small team of business leaders meeting every month to discuss a variety of operational, strategic and sometimes even personal issues together in a completely confidential environment, it’s like having your own dedicated team of trusted advisors to rely on.IMG_8979

But the Boardrooms are not just “having a chat”. Each meeting is facilitated by a professional, often a business owner in their own right, who listens, challenges and clarifies a situation. They ensure the meetings focus towards solutions and support for every single member, so every business leader present can be sure of return on their investment. A boardroom has an absolute maximum of 8 attendees, all of whom have to be non-competing business leaders. d&t Sterling Boardrooms also hand-pick a workshop or speaker regularly for the group. Neil explained: “At the open meeting, we had a fantastic workshop from business leader and author Robin Waite. He talked about establishing your business’s online reputation – it was really useful!”6th June Sterling Boardrooms taster 046

solutions and support

d&t’s Glen Murphy told us more. “At d&t, we work with businesses every day. We know that business owners are solving problems all day, every day: it’s what they do. But we also know that sometimes, a more significant challenge or opportunity comes along, and it can be hard to know what’s right for your business. That’s why we’ve created the d&t Sterling Boardrooms – to help business leaders, because nobody can be expected to know all the answers, all the time. But if you’ve got a committed team supporting you and giving you genuine advice – that can really help your business.”

Sterling Boardrooms CEO David Tovey explained: “d&t Sterling Boardrooms is the perfect combination of peer advice, professional facilitation and executive coaching. Our aim is to create small, committed groups of business leaders, who are always non-competing but like-minded. There’s nothing quite as valuable in business as true-and-tested experience and expertise, and the Boardrooms grant members access to a wealth of that david sterling image 2resource. Members can bring ideas or concerns, and discuss them in complete confidence with like-minded peers who will listen, advise, challenge and support to help them reach the very best results for their business.”

true-and-tested experience and expertise

“We also invite carefully-chosen expert speakers, business authors or thought leaders to ensure members truly benefit from the workshops. This makes sure the issues relevant to them are addressed and reviewed from every angle.”

The first d&t Sterling Boardroom meeting is set for Thursday 19th September 2017. Please visit www.dennisandturnbull.com/sterling-boardroom or speak to James Mitchell or Glen Murphy on 01793 741 600 for more information.

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