Cultural fit is difficult to define, but very clear when it is missing.

To hire staff effectively, it’s important to consider cultural fit. Our director, business expert Carl Reader, believes firmly in the concept of Hire For Culture, Train For Skills – check him out in the Daily Mail just last week talking about it!

To put it simply, cultural fit is the likelihood that a person will be able to effortlessly fit with, share and indeed live your business core values and behaviors.

It’s important to assess cultural fit from the very start of and throughout your recruitment process. This ensures you’ll only hire those people who will become fantastic in their new roles. This will certainly help drive long-term growth and success for your business.

What it means is that when you hire staff on both job fit and cultural fit, you’ll find that your new team members are:

  • Faster to start really becoming part of your team
    the d&t staff team

    The fantastic d&t team in pink this week!

  • Start contributing quicker than others
  • Are happier in their new role
  • Tend to stay longer with your business
  • Become brand ambassadors
  • Are likely to become ‘star performers’

When you make recruiting decisions purely on skills alone, and don’t take into account the cultural fit of the candidate, you may find:

  • The candidate doesn’t fit in with your existing staff team
  • They will quickly become dissatisfied with their role
  • They will not adhere to the values and behaviors expected of them
  • And unfortunately they may end up leaving through resignation or termination – faster

Top Tip: Give applicants a chance to lead the conversation.

We’ve all been to interviews where the interviewer sticks to an approved list of 10 questions.  Instead, hand the interviewee the keys.  See how they communicate without prompts or guides. This can provide an opportunity for vibrant personalities to shine.

Do You Know What Your Core Values Are?

It’s important as the leader to know yourself well enough to know what your true or core values are. Perhaps in your business, you value staff with excellent timeliness over creativity – that is absolutely your prerogative. When you started your business, how did you want it to run? What did you want to motivate people? Don’t worry about being “wrong” when you answer these questions. The important thing is to answer them.

Perhaps respect, open communication and on-time delivery of service are your core values.

For another business, it may be delivering your products at the lowest cost.

Whatever your core values are – live them and be sure to communicate and promote them at every opportunity – including (and perhaps most importantly) when recruiting staff team members. Find out more about our lovely team on our behind-the-scenes instagram!

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