d&t attend Encouraging Women into Franchising awards



The Encouraging women into franchising (EWIF) awards ceremony on Thursday 29th March was a superb day. EWIF is a new and exciting organisation dedicated to encouraging women into franchising. Its members came from all areas within the franchise industry & include; Franchisors, Franchisees, Banks, Consultants, Accountants, Solicitors, Media Providers, Exhibition Organisers, as well as other associated business.


The winners of the 2012 EWIF awards were:


Outstanding contribution to Franchising: Rosemary Conley CBE of Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness classes,


Franchisee of the year: Kate Evans of Water Babies


New Franchisee of the year: Hayley Limpkin of Razzamataz Theatre School


Franchisor of the year: Sarah Cressal of The Creation Station


New Franchisor of the year: Louise Harris of Wilkins Chimney Sweep


Franchise Employee of the year: Sam Morgan of Tatty Blumpkin


And Franchise Service Provider of the year went to The Franchisee Careers Centre


Louise Harris, a client of d&t was given the award of New Franchisor of the Year. A popular figure in franchising, she has done franchising ‘right’ from the very beginning. EWIF described her success to date as follows: "She has devoted a large amount of time to learning how to do things correctly. We often see organisations set up one day and disappear the next because they don’t build their franchises properly. Louise has done it right from the start and that really impressed us because it means she is offering a sustainable business to her franchisees” 


Louise kindly commented: "d&t are part of that offering since it was important to us that we put good accounting practices in place from the very start"

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