The Franchise Surgery

The Franchise Surgery is a skilled team that has been brought together to offer franchisors a bright opportunity to connect with the best service providers in the business. 


The Franchise Surgery is an outstanding supplement to the traditional franchise seminars, showcases and exhibitions. They have a unique approach to how they engage with one another.


The surgery events are being held regionally throughout the year, so choose which one suits you best. The next available dates are;


28th May 2012 9am - 5pm

at Field Fisher Waterhouse,

35 Vine Street,




19th June 2012 10am - 5pm

at Willis,

30 St. Pauls Sq,


B3 1QJ 


You wont hear any speeches, because you bring the questions, and they have the answers!


Go on to their website to book your appointment. By choosing the experts you want to speak to and asking questions  about the issues that matter to you, you can make sure that you make the most of your time.

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