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Variety is the spice of life – and marketing plans. The key to ensuring your marketing efforts are at their best is to mix it up regularly. There’s no point spending your budget on the same old things – diversify and try new things to increase your market reach and impact. Here’s our top 4 quick tips for sprucing up your SME’s marketing plan.

How long has it been since your brand had a makeover?

Your brand is the cornerstone of your marketing. It should be fresh and professional. It’s a critical element of any business, and – regardless of how long it’s been in place – if it’s outdated, boring or stale, it just won’t cut it with your clients. Revitalising your business branding is one of the mostRevitalise your brand with d&t

creative and fun aspects of your marketing plan. It’s important to bear in mind though that this shouldn’t be left to amateurs. You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune, but I can’t emphasise enough that it’s always worth investing in your brand. Work with professionals to decide if it’s time to vary your brand. A good designer can help you develop a strong logo and brand identity that you can use on all promotions and communications.

Goodwill marketing

Consider how you can give back to the community. Goodwill marketing, as well as being rewarding in its own right, often has an impressive lasting impact on prospective clients or staff. As such, it’s a frequently overlooked part of a marketing plan. Charitable community giving such as supporting a charity or offering pro bono services creates a great climate of positivity and goodwill for both your company and staff. Perhaps you have capacity to donate merchandise, contribute to fundraising auctions or sponsor an event for a local non-profit organisation? Most charities make a point to thank their sponsors publicly in their newsletters, programs and advertisements.

Video marketing

It’s not as daunting as it sounds, I promise! In a world where YouTube (check out our Youtube channel!) is consistently one of the most popular websites online, video marketing is clearly a tool to be reckoned with. Read our blog post on video marketing for our easy guide to maximising this.

Social media

In today’s world, more than 3 out of 4 consumers consult social media before purchasing. Make sure when they check out your social media pages, you’re conveying the message you want them to have of you. You don’t necessarily need to be on every platform; work out where your clients are and go there. At the very least, though, every business should consider creating a presence on Facebook to stay in touch with current customers and connect with leads. It’s free, easy to set up and a powerful marketing tool if used properly. Remember, communication should be central to your marketing plan. It doesn’t have to be high maintenance; just keep the basics (page up to date, kept fresh with interesting posts) in place. Most of all, ensure you engage with clients and the community.

Your business MUST have an online presence

In today’s world, businesses need a website. This is low-cost, but vital in the marketplace today, and without one, you’re putting yourself at a huge disadvantage. Start out small with one or two pages, and expand if you need. Again, get professionals involved to help you maximise this.

If you haven’t got a website already, this should go on your business strategy plan ASAP. (Read our SME guide to business strategies here)

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