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“My name is Sara and I own the Angela’s Swim School franchise for the Greenwich and Southwark Areas.

sara-and-chris-harrisonI started the business in January 2015 with four instructors and 55 clients, one year later I had 20 instructors, over 500 clients and had won the ‘New Women Franchisee of the year award 2016’ in a national competition hosted by NatWest – but I knew nothing about accounts!

d&t were introduced to me by Head office, based in Swindon I was a little unsure of using a company so far away, I had visions of needing to pop in on a regular basis. However, this proved not to be the case.

Initially, I did find it hard, there seemed to be endless requests for documents or information as they got to know me and the business, I was frustrated at the interruptions, after all, I had an empire to run!

In truth it was my lack of knowledge regarding the accounts and the fact my invoices, although paid, were not in any particular filing system that was a major problem, d&t discussed some basic software to sort this out and things have become a lot easier. Perhaps if I had got this side of the business sorted at an earlier stage then it wouldn’t have been such a steep learning curve.

At this point, I would like to thank Helen Warren for her patience and understanding.

The benefits of using d&t are starting to show, we’re a lot more organised, I feel more confident and the time taken in dealing with accounts has ultimately gone down.

Now d&t have got to know us, they have advised us to change the way the company is structured, from a Ltd company to an LLP, this seemed daunting but  Helen and Karolina Jankos talked me through the process and this seems to be progressing very smoothly.

I would also like to add, the friendly, easy manner in which Helen and Karolina helped me on the phone together with emailed instructions just goes to show you don’t need to use a local company, however we got on so well, had they been local, I would certainly have invited them out to show our appreciation.

I would advise anyone starting a business to speak to accountants first, you may not need their services yet but you will at some stage, by putting practices in place at the beginning will make for a smooth transition later…. why not give d&t a call, I wish I’d spoken to them sooner!”

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