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As a new business, I was grateful to have Dennis and Turnbull as my accountants. There were so many aspects of starting a business to consider from getting out and meeting prospective clients, updating data on my computer, marketing and writing editorials. Added to all this was keeping accurate financial records. My background is in teaching Drama. The last time I did any accounting was more than 30 years ago in high school. Ledgers, journals, debtors, creditors, balance sheets and a lot of calculations. How things have changed. D&T were quick to appoint a personal consultant in Karolina Jankos, who was very supportive and guided me through the complicated process of setting up my accounts. I was given access to QuickBooks and with help over the phone was able to complete even the most complicated accounting tasks with ease. When I was stuck or unsure, help was a phone call away. Karolina even called and over the phone we went through a step by step procedure to submit my first tax return. QuickBooks had made all the calculations and Karolina held my hand all the way through, even to the point of me receiving money back in my taxes. They also assisted with VAT registrations and personal taxes, making contact with HMRC on my behalf. I am ever so grateful to Karolina and D&T for the support in my new business. They have taken a lot of stress of navigating the complicated procedures of HMRC and finances leaving me free to concentrate on building my business. Thank you Karolina and everyone at D&T for your help and support. I don’t what I’d have done without you. And they are the most affordable accountants to serve my needs.”

Rishard Amod – Promedica 24

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