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stephen-thornsWe opened our first aesthetic skin clinic 20 years ago, as I became more involved five years ago, we opened a second clinic. I saw Dennis & Turnbull present at a seminar and they described a modern, forward-thinking, flexible and service orientated style of accountancy which I was looking for. For the first 15 years of our business, we had a very traditional, complicated, rather expensive style of accountancy service. We have now worked with D&T in combination with Xero online accounting, for five years and the difference has been fantastic. Accounting has become simple and meaningful, almost pleasant. We have a great handle on all our costs and their service is fast and responsive no matter who answers the phone, before we had to wait days if we wanted to analyse our expenses, now we can do this in minutes. The transition from old to new accountants was simpler than I’d expected and we have saved money on both accounting and banking fees. D&T also helped us value our business and navigate a complicated partner buy-out, after our own employees and branded premises they are possibly our next biggest asset.
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