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leanne-hardingMy name is Leanne Harding and I run a martial arts academy in Swindon with my business partner Antony Child. Including ourselves, we currently have 3 full-time and 2 part-time paid members of our team serving approx 230 students.

We chose Dennis and Turnbull to act as our accountants at the point where we grew our school past the size that required us to take extra team members on and we needed to be vigilant about our VAT status. D&T were recommended to us by a martial arts organisation that we are part of because they specialise in martial arts schools.

We had a very good relationship with our previous accountant which was a concern for us when deciding to switch over to D&T. However, we found them to be professional and knowledgeable, yet friendly and approachable. The transition was easy and they took care of transferring any information from our previous accountant.

For us, I think the 3 key benefits of having D&T on board as our accounts are-

  • We have always been appointed an advisor who knows a lot about our business and has been able to give us advice on how to run certain aspects of our school and financial decisions.
  • Because of the specialist knowledge, we are able to keep our business in the best position regarding tax etc.
  • Our advisor is available to run through any concerns we may have and is happy to meet with us (we are lucky in that we are so close to the D&T office) or advise us by phone/email.

We would highly recommend D&T to anyone looking for an accountancy firm, especially if they are in the martial arts business.

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